See What Our Patients are Saying

"Our whole family loves Dr. Dell and Debbie. Some think our kids are weird because they actually enjoy and look forward to going to see Dr. Dell. Over the weekend, our youngest child recently had a dental emergency involving the chipping of his front teeth. After a frantic call, Dr. Dell promptly returned our phone call, advising us how to best care for the teeth and scheduled a visit first thing the following day. After the swelling went down he eventually capped 3 of our sons permanent teeth. Dr. Dell is great with adults and kids alike- we won’t go anywhere else."
- Ken and Rae G.

"My whole family LOVES going to the dentist because Dr. Dell and his staff are so nice. You always feel like you are special and he truly cares about what is best for you! The experience at the dentist can be daunting for little ones…and my boys have never been afraid to go to the dentist, and I attribute it to Dr. Dell and his practice. WE will never go anyplace else."
- Katherine I.

"I met Dr. Dell when I was at the end of my first pregnancy with a cracked tooth. This was over 18 years ago. I am a “coward” at the dentist, but I have always had the best results and dental work that is painless. He is sensitive to my needs and I have a great appreciation for his professionalism."
- Lisette L.

"I hated going to the dentist, and rarely did, until Dr. Dell. When I first started as a patient, my teeth and gums were a mess. Now, thanks to Dr. Dell, I have a beautiful, healthy mouth and I look forward to my six month cleanings. I know that if I need work done- fillings, extractions, root canals- they will be painless. Dr. Dell also made a beautiful bridge for my lower front teeth. Dr. Dell and Deb are wonderful people, and run an excellent dental office. I highly recommend Dr. Dell, he is the BEST at what he does!"
- Donna S.

"My first visit as a new patient with Dr. Dell was a very pleasant surprise. It had been 8 years since my last dental appointment, so I was very nervous that there was major work to be done on my teeth. Dr. Dell and Debbie are both very professional, informative and comforting. My experience was very enlightening as Dr. Dell explained thoroughly each procedure before and during the process. Whether it was cleaning, x-rays: before and after, or how to properly brush and floss my teeth. I am relieved to have found a dentist I can trust and feel comfortable with to see on a regular basis. Thank you Dr. Dell and Debbie."
- Audrey G.

"I have been a patient of Dr. John Dell since before he opened his office at 1245 Mission Road in South San Francisco. Not only has he taken care of my teeth since 1995, he has also provided excellent dental care to my family. We are very satisfied with the professional care that Dr. Dell provided us."
- Michael B.

“I have been afraid of dentists all my life. After finding Dr. Dell, I have been able to go to the dentist regularly for the last 12 years. He and his staff are able to put you at ease and do a great job. I can highly recommend him with no reservations.”
- Sam D.

"I am a fifty-ish man who had bad experiences in childhood with the dentist. I developed a fear and for most of my life up to now, didn’t go or the few attempts I made, I got panic attacks and didn’t proceed. This took its toil on my teeth. I lost many. I was ashamed, insecure, and tried to learn to keep my upper lip closed so no one could see my teeth. After some time and help from some friends, I decided I would go. A miracle happened and I found Dr. Dell’s office. From the onset, speaking to his associate (Debbie) on the phone, I knew this was special. When I finally went, I was met with a caring staff and they were always checking on me, asking me if I was OK. Dr. Dell is excellent. I would trust him with everything. Dr. Dell has my utmost thanks and esteem. My life has changed. I can smile now and not be ashamed. I no longer have any fear and even look forward to going out now. Everyone there is extremely professional and caring. I can’t say enough. Thank you Dr. Dell!"
- David W.

"Dr. Dell has been my dentist for over twenty years. In fact, I just returned from his office today and my teeth are pearly white. I've always been happy with the care I've received from Dr. Dell. He is professional, friendly, gentle, and knowledgeable. He thoroughly explains any dental work that he deems necessary, but he doesn't pressure the patient into doing anything beyond what their budget or insurance will allow. His office is located in a very convenient location for anyone living or working in the South San Francisco area. Also, kudos to Debbie Dell for running the doctor's office so efficiently. My husband, sister, and several of my co-workers are also now patients of Dr. Dell. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a new dentist."
- Laurie H.